Blacking your boat is an essential part of your boat maintenance routine. This service is offered by many boatyards so how do you decide where to go?

Questions to ask in order to make a true comparison;

  1. Does the price estimated include docking/slipping or craning?
  2. Is the yard fully insured?
  3. How is the boat prepared (pressure wash, grit blasting etc)?
  4. How many coats are applied?
  5. How long is the applied coating (Bitumen, Comastic, 2 Pac Epoxy) allowed to dry?
  6. Does the price estimated include VAT?

Our blacking Procedure and Schedule.

Monday - 8:30am change over day when finished boats go out and the next boats come in to the dock.

The covered dry dock is drained then the boat(s) are scraped, weed hatch covers are removed then the boat is pressure washed and allowed to dry.

Tuesday –Thursday any needle gunning, welding or minor repairs to the hull are carried out. 2 coats of black are applied.

Friday – Sunday the paint is allowed to dry.

Monday – Boats are collected or moored opposite the boat yard on the pilings.

Please see our general information for more details


1 x docking fee

1 x pressure wash

2 x coats of bitumen (Intertuff 16), comastic or epoxy up to the top rubbing strake

1 x clean & re-paint weed hatch


Black beyond the top rubbing strake add 25% of price estimated for 2 coats

Bow thruster clean tube & re-paint + £30

Weed hatch de-rust, re-tape + £35

Re-paint tunnel flashes (red and white at the stern)